Hi, I’m Kim!

I’m a web developer who loves WordPress, problem solving, and all things tech. I fell in love with web design as a kid (making way too many Geocities pages about nothing) and have been obsessed ever since. I enjoy finding ways to use technology to make our lives easier and more organized (who doesn’t love a good list or spreadsheet?).

I live in Columbus, Ohio, but I’m from Iowa (and it still holds a piece of my heart). I’m a huge animal lover – in fact, my day job is working with animals. I have a basset hound mix named Oreo (she’s the best ), a senior rabbit, a crew of hamsters, and a backyard full of squirrels.

When I’m not spending time inside on my laptop in nerd mode, I love going on outdoor adventures, hiking, and visiting every zoo I can.

I love learning and am always adding new things to my tool belt. 

My mission is to keep you and your website on good terms so you can focus on the rest of your business.

Your WordPress site should work for you, make your online business easy to manage, and be headache free.
If you are spending too much time on your website, see how I can help you with maintenance & support or a mini project!

Reach me at hello@kimberly-brock.com and say hi!