WordPress Maintenance & Support

WordPress Maintenance & Support

Your website is your digital home, and just like your house, requires regular upkeep. Making sure you are up to date is key to keeping your site safe from malware, hackers, or other tech issues. The great thing about WordPress is that it is open source, which means you have a whole community of developers behind the scenes, working to keep WordPress and it’s plugins, safe, secure, and improve functionality. The bad thing about WordPress is that this means there are updates¬†all the time, and unless you are on top of it, your website can quickly become out of date and vulnerable. Some plugins don’t always play nice together, and can leave your website open to shady internet hackers, or worse, break your site completely.

Let me take WordPress maintenance off your plate and make sure you have support when something goes wrong. 

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How It Works

Once you sign up, I will guide you through adding a plugin to your site that will allow me to connect remotely. You will securely share your hosting information with me, just in case. Once I’m connected, you can relax! I will keep your site up to date, backed up, and secure.

If something does go wrong, I will do all I can to get you up and running again (disclaimer: some things may be out of my control, like host related issues, plugin conflicts, major WordPress melt downs, power outages, zombies, etc).

From time to time, I may install new plugins to help keep your site secure and running smoothly. Anything beyond what you see included in your maintenance package (such as content updates, new page creation, installing new plugins at your request, or customizing), or any current issues you need to resolve can be added as a Mini Project.

You will be billed monthly. You may cancel at anytime, but once your maintenance package is out of date, you will lose all backups, and any plugins I have installed for the purpose of maintaining your website.